IJATSER Volume 1 – Issue 3, January 2016 Edition

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01-JAN16 Bandwidth Enhancement by Fractal Microstrip Patch Antenna at 4 GHz (Page No. 1-3)

AUTHORS : Pavan Kumar Shandilya, Dr. Poonam Sinha

Abstract— In this paper, the design of fractal microstrip patch antenna is presented for multiband applications. The proposed antenna is designed on FR-4 Substrate with thickness 1.5 mm and relativity permittivity 4.3. A single feed compact microstrip square Fractal antenna with resonant frequency 4 GHz is proposed in this paper. This antenna can be used in communication. An antenna has improved bandwidth with low profile. It is the combination of initial, first and second iterations. Simulated results show that from initial, first and second iteration. The proposed antenna covers multiband which are S-band, C-band, X-band and Ku-band that is used in communication application.
Index Terms— Bandwidth, IE3D simulator, coaxial probe feed and Fractal antenna.


03-JAN16 Design of Shunt Hybrid Active filter for suppression of harmonic disturbances, and their implementation for power quality improvement (Page No. 10-15)

AUTHORS : Sayed A Shahid, Mr.Santosh S Negi, Mr E Vijay Kumar

Abstract — Growing technology and rigorous use of non-linear loads, has given rise to a very serious problem of power quality distortion. This paper shows various problems arising in household as well as industrial supply due to harmonic distortion. This paper gives an overview and scope of Shunt Active power filter or SAPFs for mitigation of harmonics and improvement in power quality. The problem of harmonics can be eliminated by methods implementing the use of active filters. A strategy is proposed, which implements the use of shunt active and shunt passive filters and is known as Shunt Hybrid Active power filter or SHAPF. Various household appliances suffer exceedingly due to fluctuation in power network caused by harmonics, which in turn arise due operation of non-linear load. Heavy machinery like rolling mills, where the rollers are run by DC motors and control circuitry involves use of large Thyristor (SCR) panels that exhibit non-linear characteristics giving rise to harmonics in the power network which can result in the malfunctioning of machinery or even result in machine shutdown. The control algorithm of this SAPF is based on famous instantaneous reactive power theory or the p-q theory. Two models have been simulated to show successful minimization of harmonic disturbances in the power supply. Pushing the technology further, we have proposed a model of Shunt Hybrid active power filter for some more sophisticated power systems, this SHAPF is regulated with a PLL controller. Simulations and results have been explained in later part of this paper.

Index Terms – Power Quality, SHAPF Active power filters, Digital controllers, Active & Reactive power, THD.


04-JAN16  Comparitive Study of 8 Point FFT Implementation on Reconfigurable logic

Authors – Praveen Kumar Jhariya, Nitesh Dodkey

Abstract — Fast Fourier Transform is an algorithm used to calculate Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of a predetermined series. This Paper Proposes the performance and simulation of 8 point FFT using Decimation-In-Time Domain (DIT) of the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Two designs are reviewed one using serial architecture and one using parallel architecture.

Keywords— FFT, DFT, FPGA