Volume 1 Issue 9


IJATSER Volume 1 – Issue 9, August 2016 Edition

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Ref. no 1 : Modeling of solar photovoltaic system by using RETSCREEN Software

Abstract— In this current period because of absence of synchronism between the rise in the energy demand and rise in energy production. The creature of darkness and pollution had as of now detained the entire humanity. Developing dependency on routine hotspots for filling extreme yearning of electrical energy has brought up an issue mark over the presence of routine energy sources following a couple of decades from now. Investigating this circumstances we are presently bound to search for some option for slacking our power of utilizing these sources like coal, common gas and so on. Keeping the same objective in our brain here in this paper we are going for wind energy change standard of energy generation and consolidate the network innovation with CETS to decrease utilization of fossil fuels. As of late India has seen a few power outages. To meet what’s to come interest of force we ought to begin putting resources into renewable vitality. India has incredible potential for sun oriented vitality which is still undiscovered. Sun powered energy is private benevolent and can be introduced effortlessly in local locations. This paper presents the Modeling and Cost examination of sunlight based photovoltaic (PV) frameworks and the vitality spared in a residential family unit from its utilization. The study is led in five best places of INDIA utilizing RETSCREEN programming. The part of sun powered radiation on size of PV framework and their financial impact of various areas is broken down for equivalent burden request. The parameters utilized for financial examination of demonstrating work are Net Present worth (NPV), payback period, Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and so on. Distinctive parameters were looked at for change chose areas. At long last, it is found in the examination that sun powered illumination level has an awesome impact on the PV cluster estimate, its effectiveness, capital cost, IRR, payback period and liveliest expense of vitality, and so on. Additionally, power created by the sun based PV framework decreases nursery gas (GHG) emanation and makes the earth more Eco benevolent. The climate data was taken from the NASA site.

Index Terms— Cost analysis, emission analysis, economic analysis, stand-alone PV system, solar radiation level effect, RETSCREEN 4


Ref. no 2 : A Survey on Image Inpainting Methods

ABSTRACT: Image inpainting is the procedure of eliminating unwanted things or objects from a specified image and also to fill the lost information in the image with the help of data and knowledge available from nearby known regions. There are various field like‐ entertainment, medical science, agriculture science etc. in which image inpainting is utilized to repair the damaged images, elimination of superimposed text, elimination of useless objects and red eye modification. There are various techniques proposed in literature for image inpainting. In this research paper we give a survey of different types of image inpainting methods.

KEYWORDS: Image inpainting, damaged image, useless objects, Inpainting Technique