IJATSER Volume 3 – Issue 9, JANUARY 2019 Edition

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AUTHORS: Pooja Bodkhe, Dr. V.V. Singh

ABSTRACT : Construction projects in India frequently clash problems which case cost overrun, and time obstruct, the two approximately common issues. The circumstance of this work is to recognize and quantify these problems and thus maintain in avoiding them. The intensify of this business is on from one end to the other top issues which are: chain of command in bidding approach, cost-push inflation, low-cost condition of the government, not enough information gathered and surveys done once design, monthly expense difficulties, machinery cost changes, process changes separately legislature, economic difficulties, manner of accepting a loan and expense for completed field and changes made by the owner. A specification for each of these issues provides additional information approaching them. In the entire text of this survey the alike weighting approach is used to examine the absolute groups, and the results open that issues devoted to the groups of legislature, manager and authority has the approaching significant impact.

Keywords– Construction design, Time Obstruct, Monthly Expense Difficulties, Machinery Cost Changes, and Process Changes.


IIJ 02 : A Study on Strength of Concrete with partial Replacement of Cement & sand by copper slag

AUTHORS: Abhinav Agrawal, Rohit Jain

ABSTRACT: As now a day the natural resources getting exhausted so construction technology is moving toward the utilization of industrial waste in our we utilize copper slag in partial replacement of cement and sand from 0% to 30% by weight using design mix by satisfying different quality parameter three grades M25, M30, M35 were prepared and optimum dose of different material were obtained .The different strength parameters i.e. compressive strength ,split tensile strength , flexural strength were determined and comparative analysis done between conventional concrete and innovative concrete. The results were obtained from specimen testing were satisfactory up to given percentage of replacement. Copper slag is one of the waste materials that are measured as waste materials in the manufacture of copper, which can be used as partial substitution of fine aggregates in concrete. This study explains the outcome of an investigational analysis on different durability tests on concrete including copper slag as partial substitution of sand and Cement. The result shown that the target strength of different grades of concrete M25, M30 and M35 were obtained at 10% and 20% of copper slag used as a replacement of cement and sand.

Keywords: concrete, copper slag, partial replacement, crushing loads, compressive strength, Tensile strength.


IIJ03: Investigation of Power Factor Behaviour in AC Systems Based on Transformers Loading Conditions due to Inrush Current in Power Transformers

AUTHORS: Vivek kumar Koshta, Sanjeev Jarariya

ABSTRACT: Simulation study is made with MATLAB/SIMULINK program to represent the impacts of harmonic components and unbalance loading on the power factor behaviour in the Electrical AC  systems The primary objective of the research is to investigate the possible extreme circumstances due to Inrush current. It is concluded that the power and distribution transformers should be progressively de-rated under such circumstances for their safe operations, which will not only prove cost-effective for utilities but also improve the reliability of the power supply to their valued customers in the challenging future smart grid environment.


IIJ04: Determination of acceptable Location and rating of Fault Current Limiter circuit within the Smart Grid

AUTHORS: Sanjeev Jarariya, Vivek kumar Koshta

ABSTRACT: The broad incorporation of appropriated vitality assets in power matrix causes increment in the estimation of the fault current. Expanded blame current is a genuine inconvenience which must be defeated for fruitful achievement of keen networks. conducting Fault Current Limiter is inventive hardware which can possibly constrain the fault current in the keen lattice. It lessens the estimation of the blame current inside first pinnacle of the blame current. The appropriate place of SFCL in the shrewd framework must be depicted to get the advantage of its consolidation in the keen matrix. In this paper the working of SFCL under ordinary and blame condition has been clarified utilizing matlab reproduction and consequence of recreation is appeared for deciding its proper area in the brilliant matrix 10 MVA wind cultivate is coordinated with the circulation system of the traditional power network and three stage to ground blame is made at three distinct areas in the savvy framework.